by Spy in the Sky

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0:00 love skips overhead like rocks on the river i'm a shrymp in
0:59 burning bush
3:30 face in the river
5:45 the pound
9:06 answering machine
11:39 granite in the ground


released June 25, 2017


recorded in and around the patapsco river 2014-2017

thank you alex homan for acoustic guitar and poetry



all rights reserved


Imagination Rock Baltimore, Maryland

twins in love.
maybe our friends too.

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Track Name: THE POUND
sleep well on an island in hell
noone's coming in the morning


i don't wanna be yours
i don't wanna be nothing
i don't wanna be here
i don't wanna be nothing

give me all your loving
and i'll give you nothing

my love is a burning bush


face in the river facing it
slime in my blisters rub it in
take off your dress and shimmer in
people get lost when you talk to them

face in the river talk to it
trees dressed up like dinosaurs
lightning lightning lighning bugs
life is cute life is cute life is cute

slippery oxygen slip it in
ghosts go away when you talk to them
hand on my shoulder time to go
stand on two legs, follow you home

stewardess, i'd go anywhere with you


I'll take whatever it takes
to get to a place
where I can appreciate
It's never too late
to have a happy childhood

I've been in the pound so long


I don't care if you like me
I wanna take your tampon out and use it to make tea
I don't care if you see me
your lips would make a lollipop happy

you're a lie I told myself
seeing you with someone else
makes me wanna go to hell
just so I know I won't see you there


the day will soon be over and digging will be done
and no more gems be gathered so let us all press on
when jesus comes to claim us you tell him where we're found
tell him look there six feet under with the granite in the ground

I built a holy life there then I ran it in the ground
cause I could not keep my feet there planted in the ground
so I turned away in anger and mourning for the sound
of the river in the morning and the granite in the ground